WP Social Traffic v1.0.3 & PRO v1.0.8

04 October 2016

WP Social Traffic – WordPress Plugin That Gets You 100% REAL – Unlimited Traffic in Any Niche You Want on Complete Autopilot.

 Version :v1.0.8

Price : $27

Homepage : SalesPage

12 Reasons Why WP Social Traffic is a MUST HAVE Solution for Everyone with a Website….

  • Get 100% REAL Visitors From Facebook to Your WordPress Site.
    Yes with this software, you will get 100% real visitors from the number one social media site in the world –  Facebook. Promoting your content automatically on Facebook will drive REAL targeted people over to your site and make them take action.
  • Promote Unlimited Posts or Pages & Get Traffic to them.
    Every site needs more traffic and you can now drive unlimited traffic to any number of posts or pages you have on your site – there is no limit. Just pick the niche you want traffic for and press one button – that is all you need to do.
  • A TRUE Push-Button Solution for your Traffic needs that just works.
    It has never been this easy to get real traffic because this software makes it PUSH BUTTON EASY. All you have to do is press the big green button after posting your content and you are done – Traffic will start flowing to your site in the next few minutes.
  • Get FREE Traffic on 100% AUTOPILOT That You Will Never Have to Pay For…
    This is a truly tested system that works completely on autopilot – you just set it up, press one button and leave it. The software works completely in the background and you can keep working on your site as normal. In just a few days you can get 100s and even 1000s of real visitors on AUTOPILOT.
  • AutoPost Spintax Comments to Unlimited Fanpages on Facebook & Drive Free Traffic

  • Get Traffic for ANY NICHE You Want – Just Pick Your Keywords, Select Your Pages & Set them Active!
    Targeted Niche Traffic is the best kind of traffic. It might not be a lot but it sure does convert and gets you more results. That is why this software lets you target any 3 niches you want at the same time and get traffic to your site from them. Just find the right fanpages & get your traffic.
  • Promote UNLIMITED Posts & Pages in 1-CLICK to Get FREE TRAFFIC for all Your WordPress Blogs & Sites…
  • Instant Facebook PREVIEW of Your Posts
    Having the right format and style of your Facebook post is super important to getting more clicks & more traffic – that is why we let you instantly preview how your post will look on Facebook and customise it to get you the best possible results from your traffic campaigns.
  • Completely Set & Forget Software
    Its rare to find automation of this kind. You will never have to worry about getting traffic your site every single day – once you add this plugin, just push that button and let the traffic come to you. Your campaign, once activated, will keep running on 100% autopilot until you manually stop it (or the campaign ends).
  • Turn Facebook into Cash – Drive Traffic for FREE without any ad-costs.
    Paying for traffic is easy turning a profit with that traffic is very very hard. That is why – you can now leverage the best kind of traffic you can get – FB Traffic and profit from it without ever having to pay for any advertising, no more PPC, PPV or any other kind of paid traffic.
  • Turn Free Traffic into PROFIT – You Can Monetize your Traffic any way you want.
    Since you can get traffic from all over the world, you can monetize it any way you want. Whether you want to make money using Amazon affiliate products or CPA network offers. Whether you want to build a list and promote using email marketing or sell them subscription software, no matter what product or service you want to sell, this traffic will be ready for it.
  • Scheduler Lets You Track Your Campaigns
    Being able to schedule and track your campaigns is very important, that is why with the built-in Scheduler feature you can now see when and where your promotions are being sent. How many fanpages is your content being promoted to & track everything in detail for your satisfaction.
  • Detailed Reports & Logs for Campaigns
    WP Social Traffic logs every action and that is how you can see what is happening at what point in your campaigns. If some fanpages reject your posts, you can see that and manage it instantly. For any kind of traffic campaigns, tracking & logs are very important.

PRO Features:

Create UNLIMITED Traffic Campaigns that Run in Parallel
With the PRO version, you have no limits, you can create Unlimited Traffic campaigns to drive more traffic to your site across any number of posts or pages you want.


Promote Your Site Across Multiple Campaigns & Niches at the SAME TIME…
Want to get more traffic to each of your posts from multiple niches? No problem. The PRO Version allows you to promote posts/pages across multiple niche campaigns at the same time so you get double or even triple targeting & traffic.


Drive Ultra-Targeted Traffic from ANY FanPage on Facebook
Want to drive traffic from custom sources like specific fanpages on Facebook? The PRO version lets you add any fanpage as a source so you can post, engage and promote content and drive traffic from that specific fanpage instantly.


Promote Your Site to UNLIMITED FanPages By Pushing a Button
With the PRO Version, there is absolutely NO LIMIT to how many fanpages you can engage and promote at the same time – setup one campaign and you can have unlimited fanpages added to it so you can reach 10,000+ people across all those pages.


Diversify Your Traffic : Target up to 10 Niches at the Same Time
Normally you can target up to 3 niches but with the PRO version, you can target 300% more niches – up to 10 niches at the same time which helps you drive traffic from multiple niches to any content or site you want.


Power Promotions with NESTED Spintax Comments for Unlimited Posts & Pages on Your Site.
Create more natural and intelligent posts using the nested spintax system that is MUCH better than regular spin comments. This helps you get higher engagement and better quality traffic to your site & convert more visitors & get more sales with this.


Instantly Get a Complete LOG of Promotions – See Every Detail.
Don’t fly blind – the PRO version lets you see every detail of your promotions so you can see how your campaigns are doing, where they are posting and where you are getting traffic from – get the full view with our logs.


Live Scheduler – See What is Queued to Promote & When.
Once you launch your campaigns, your promotion schedule can be seen in our Live Scheduler that shows you what post will be made and when – you’ll see all the details and know exactly which promotion is going out at what date and bringing traffic for you.

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